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Oranges and Lemons

My ears pricked as the shrill pierced my 2 year old innocence.

"You're a chop off the old block"! Carina Reynecke was the master of wrangling.
Her husband Ferdinand - a rooibos tea grower - was too princely.

“Come Brown” he gently prompted,
a reminder of how much he adored my eyes.

I walked beside him along the Cypress lane as he relived past moments –
The demon slugs hung about in villainous fervour.

Mr "Old Brown Sherry" Reynecke had pissed and pooped his pants again;
mumbling into his alcohol infused puke.
20 year old Ferdinand slung his father before the onlookers then footslogged.
The old man’s expletives echoed through the cypress trees and raised its aggression to  beat the ground, where the armadillo sat in silence
Ferdi doubled over at the torturous memory.Shame glazed his hot skin.

Even now, 10 years later his tears are like freshly squeezed lemon;
Fleshy splayed bits like Jackson Pollock’s No 5 -a gradient artistic creation articulated in a hybrid o…

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